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Mesa K-Ready Very Important Preschool and Parent (VIPP) program helps Mesa parents and their 4-year-olds get ready for kindergarten.  The program is available to families that live in Mesa, plan to have their children attend kindergarten at a school within the Mesa Public Schools District, and are considered low-to moderate-income households. Each child will have access to a tablet and online lessons to prepare them for kindergarten.


Hear from a Mesa K Ready VIPP Parent


  • A tablet with online lessons to prepare your child for kindergarten.
  • Internet on the tablet.
  • Activities at Mesa’s museums, downtown library, parks and recreation, and Mesa Arts Center.
  • Weekly contact from teachers.
  • Healthy food supplies and connections to other available family resources.


  • Attend an informational meeting after being accepted into the program.
  • Schedule a time with the teacher to be trained on the tablet and have their child screened at the beginning and end of the program.
  • Work with the child at home on the tablet for at least 45 minutes a week.
  • Attend one Parent University Class of your choosing, one Feed the Reader activity and one Learn and Play activity. All activities are free.
  • Attend at least one open lab session per month so you and your child can work together with a trained staff member.
  • Return tablet and accessories at end of semester in good working condition.


  • Live in Mesa and plan to have your child attend kindergarten in Mesa Public Schools in Fall 2019. (Bring copy of a recent utility bill to meeting).
  • Reside at your current address a minimum of four months.
  • Low to moderate income household. (200% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines)
Family Size Annual Monthly Weekly
1 $24,280 $2,023 $467
2 $32,920 $2,743 $633
3 $41,560 $3,463 $799
4 $50,200 $4,183 $965
5 $58,840 $4,903 $1,132
6 $67,480 $5,623 $1,298
7 $76,120 $6,343 $1,464
8 $84,760 $7,063 $1,630
Each Add’l $8,640 $720 $166
  • Child is not currently going to preschool or a formal early learning/care center.
  • Child must be 3-years-old by September 1, 2019

Questions? Please contact Elizabeth Mullavey, Mesa K-Ready Coordinator,  or 480-472-0315.

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